V = Vegetarian Dishes
* = Hot Dishes

Some of our dishes contain CELERY, CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN, CRUSTACEANS, EGG, FISH, LUPIN, MILK, MOLLUSCS, MUSTARD, NUTS, PEANUTS, SESAME SEEDS, SOYA & SULPHUR DIOXIDE which some people may have a reaction to. Please inform our staff before ordering if you suffer from any food allergies. We will do our best to advise you.

Management has the rights to refuse to serve customers at anytime.
All Prices Include VAT


H1        Crispy Seaweed, Sesame Prawn Toast,
            Mini Spring Rolls, Spare Ribs óG8.00
H2        Crispy Seaweed, Sesame Prawn Toast,
            Chicken Satay on Skewers, Mini Spring Rolls £8.00

1          Mini Spring Rolls (6) óG2.30
2          Sesame Prawn Toast (100% Prawn Meat) óG5.70
2a        Chicken Satay on Skewers (4) óG5.30
2b         Crispy Prawn Rolls (10)
            (Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce) óG5.90
2c         Pork Dumplings óG5.20
2d         Smoked Shredded Chicken óG5.30
3          Crispy Seaweed óG3.60
3a         Mussels in Black Bean Sauce (10) * óG5.30
3b         Salt and Pepper Squid* óG5.90
3c         Deep Fried Squid (Served with Sweet & Sour Sauce) óG5.90
4          Crispy Aromatic Duck (Served with Cucumber, Spring Onions,
            Pancakes & Hoi Sin Sauce, May contain small particles of bones) 
            Quarter óG9.50  Half óG18.00  Whole óG34.00

5          Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup  óG2.80
5a         Won Ton Soup óG3.40
6          Crabmeat & Sweetcorn Soup óG2.90
7          Hot & Sour Soup* óG3.10
8          Chicken & Noodle Soup óG2.80
9          Chicken & Mushroom Soup óG2.80

10         Sun Kee Special Rice óG5.60
11         Special Fried Rice óG4.60
12         King Prawn Fried Rice óG5.40
13         Shrimp Fried Rice óG4.80
14         Chicken Fried Rice óG4.40
15         Beef Fried Rice óG4.50
16         Roast Pork Fried Rice (Diced) óG4.40
17         Roast Duck with Fried Rice óG5.70
18         Singapore Fried Rice* óG4.70
19         Mushroom Fried Rice óG3.80
20         Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice óG3.90
21         Ham Fried Rice óG4.20
22         Egg Fried Rice óG3.10
23         Boiled Rice óG2.90

24         Sun Kee Special Chow Mein óG5.50
25         Special Chow Mein (Large)  óG5.00
26         King Prawn Chow Mein óG5.40
27         Shrimp Chow Mein óG4.80
28         Chicken Chow Mein óG4.40
28a       Roast Duck Chow Mein óG5.20
29         Whole Piece of Chicken Chow Mein óG5.10
30         Beef Chow Mein óG4.50
31         Roast Pork Chow Mein óG4.10
32         Singapore Chow Mein (Large) * óG5.10
33         Mushroom Chow Mein V óG3.90
34         Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein V óG4.00
35         Plain Chow Mein V óG3.50

36         Special Curry (Mixed Meat)* óG5.20
36a       Roast Duck Curry* óG5.40
37         King Prawn Curry* óG5.40
38         Shrimp Curry* óG4.80
39         Diced Chicken Curry* óG4.50
40         Beef Curry* óG4.60
41         Roast Pork Curry* óG4.40
42         Mushroom Curry* V óG4.00
43         Mixed Vegetable Curry* V óG4.00
43a       Curry Sauce* óG1.80

CHOP SUEY DISHES (Beansprouts)
44         Special Chop suey (Mixed Meat) óG4.90
45         King Prawn Chop Suey óG5.40
46         Shrimp Chop Suey óG4.80
47         Chicken Chop Suey óG4.40
48         Beef Chop Suey óG4.50
49         Roast Pork Chop Suey óG4.30
50         Mushroom Chop Suey V óG3.90

51         King Prawn Balls óG5.80
52         King Prawns with Mushrooms óG5.80
53         King Prawns with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts óG5.80
54         King Prawns with Tomatoes óG5.80
55         King Prawns with Mixed Vegetables óG5.80
55a       King Prawns with Cashewnuts in Yellow Bean Sauce óG6.30
56         King Prawns with Cashewnuts óG6.20
56a       King Prawns with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce* óG6.20
57         Shrimps with Mushrooms óG5.00
58         Shrimps with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts óG5.10

59         Chicken Chinese Style (with Beansprouts) óG4.70
60         Chicken with Mushrooms óG4.70
61         Chicken with Pineapple óG4.70
62         Chicken with Tomatoes óG4.70
63         Chicken with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts óG4.70
64         Chicken with Sweetcorn óG4.70
64a       Chicken with Cashewnuts in Yellow Bean Sauce óG5.60
65         Chicken with Cashewnuts óG5.50
65a       Chicken with Mixed Vegetables óG4.70
65b       Chicken with Mushrooms & Black Bean Sauce* óG5.40

66         Beef with Mushrooms óG5.00
67         Beef with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts óG5.00
68         Beef with Tomatoes óG5.00
69         Beef with Mixed Vegetables óG5.00
70         Beef with Onions óG5.00
70a       Beef with Mushrooms & Black Bean Sauce* óG5.60

71         Barbecued Spare Ribs in Sauce óG5.50
72         Dry Spare Ribs with Lemon óG5.40
73         Spare Ribs in Honey Sauce óG5.50
74         Roast Pork Chinese Style óG4.70
74a       Roast Pork with Mushrooms óG4.70
74b       Roast Pork with Mushrooms & Black Bean Sauce* óG5.40
75         Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables óG4.70

76         Roast Duck Chinese Style óG5.90
77         Roast Duck with Pineapple óG5.90
78         Roast Duck with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts óG5.90
78a       Roast Duck with Cashewnuts óG6.10
79         Roast Duck with Mixed Vegetables óG5.90
79a       Roast Duck with Cashewnuts in Yellow Bean Sauce óG6.20
80         Roast Duck with Mushrooms óG5.90
80a       Roast Duck with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce* óG6.20


S2        5 Chicken Balls+5 King Prawn Balls óG5.20
S3        4 Chicken Balls+4 Pork Balls+4 King Prawn Balls óG5.40
S4        5 Pork Balls + 5 King Prawn Balls óG4.80
81         Sweet & Sour King prawn Balls óG5.80
82         Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls/ Slice óG4.70
83         Sweet & Sour Pork Balls óG4.40
84         Sweet & Sour Mixed Vegetables V óG3.70
85         Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs óG5.40
86         Sweet & Sour Sauce óG1.80

OMELETTE DISHES (Includes Chips)
87         Special Omelette óG5.80
88         King Prawn Omelette óG6.00
89         Shrimp Omelette óG5.20
90         Chicken Omelette óG5.10
91         Roast Pork Omelette óG5.10
92         Ham Omelette óG5.10
93         Mushroom Omelette óG4.80
94         Plain Omelette óG4.50

95         Special Foo Yung (Mixed Meat) óG5.00
96         King Prawn Foo Yung óG5.20
97         Shrimp Foo Yung óG4.50
98         Chicken Foo Yung óG4.20
99         Roast Pork Foo Yung óG4.20
100       Ham Foo Yung óG4.20
101       Mushroom Foo Yung óG4.00
102       Plain Foo Yung óG3.60

103       Banana Fritter with Syrup óG2.90
104       Pineapple Fritter with Syrup óG2.90

105       Chicken with Chip óG4.60
106       Sausage with Chips (2) óG3.50
107       Mixed Vegetables V óG3.40
107a     Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce* V óG4.00
107b     Kung Po Mixed Vegetables* V óG4.00
107c     Szechuan Mixed Vegetables* V óG4.00
107d     Satay Mixed Vegetables* V óG4.00
108       Beansprouts V óG3.20
109       Mushrooms V óG3.40
110       Onions V óG3.00
111       Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts V óG3.30
112       Crispy Pancake Roll óG2.30
113       Chips óG2.20
114       Prawn Crackers óG2.20
115       Chips in Gravy óG2.60
116       Chips in Curry óG2.60
116a     Chips in Sweet & Sour Sauce óG2.60
117       Gravy Sauce óG1.80

TOFU DISHES (Beancurd) V
T1         Tofu in Black Bean Sauce* óG4.20
T2         Tofu in Kung Po Sauce* óG4.20
T3         Tofu in Szechuan Sauce* óG4.20
T4         Tofu in Satay Sauce*  óG4.20
T5         Tofu with Mixed Vegetables óG4.00


K1       5 Chicken Balls with Chips óG3.70
           With Fried Rice óG4.00
K2       5 Pork Balls with Chips óG3.50
           With Fried Rice óG3.80
K3       Mini Spring Rolls (4) & Spare Ribs (2)
           With Chips óG4.00
           With Fried Rice óG4.30

118       Satay King Prawns* óG5.70
118a     Special Satay* óG5.80
119       Satay Beef* óG5.30
120       Satay Chicken* óG5.40
121       Kung Po King Prawns* óG5.90
121a     Special Kung Po* óG6.10
122       Kung Po Beef* óG5.50
123       Kung Po Chicken* óG5.40
124       King Prawns with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce* óG6.10
124a     Mixed Meat with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce* óG6.20
125       Beef with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce* óG5.50
126       Chicken with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce* óG5.50
126a     Roast Duck with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce* óG6.10
127       Sweet & Sour King Prawn Hong Kong Style óG6.30
128       Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style óG5.50
128a     Salt & Pepper Chicken óG5.60
129       Sweet & Sour Pork Hong Kong Style óG5.40
130       King Prawns with Oyster Sauce óG6.00
131       Beef with Oyster Sauce óG5.20
132       Chicken with Oyster Sauce óG5.20
132a     Roast Duck in Oyster Sauce óG5.80
133       King Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onions óG6.00
134       Duck with Ginger & Spring Onions óG6.00
135       Beef with Ginger & Spring Onions óG5.50
136       Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onions óG5.40
137       Singapore Rice Noodles* óG5.50
138       Lemon Chicken óG5.40
139       Deep Fried Shredded Beef* óG5.80
139a     Deep Fried Chilli King Prawns* óG6.60
139b     Salt & Pepper Chilli King Prawns* óG6.40
140       Capital Spare Ribs* óG6.00
141       Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs* óG6.00
142       Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs Hong Kong Style óG6.00
143       King Prawns with Green Peppers & Black Pepper Sauce*óG6.00
144       Beef with Green Peppers & Black Pepper Sauce* óG5.50
145       Chicken with Green Peppers & Black Pepper Sauce* óG5.40
146       King Prawns with Chinese Mushrooms óG5.90
147       Beef with Chinese Mushrooms óG5.50
148       Chicken with Chinese Mushrooms óG5.40
149       Roast Pork with Chinese Mushrooms óG5.40
150       Roast Duck with Chinese Mushrooms óG5.90
151       King Prawns with Baby Sweetcorn óG5.80
152       Beef with Baby Sweetcorn óG5.50
153       Chicken with Baby Sweetcorn óG5.40
154       Roast Pork with Baby Sweetcorn óG5.40
155       Roast Duck with Baby Sweetcorn óG5.90
156       King Prawns with Chinese Leaves óG5.70
157       Beef with Chinese Leaves óG5.30
158       Chicken with Chinese Leaves óG5.20
159       Roast Pork with Chinese Leaves óG5.20
160       Roast Duck with Chinese Leaves óG5.90
161       Deep Fried Beef in Capital Sauce* óG5.70
162       Sweet & Sour Duck óG6.00
163       Shredded Chilli Chicken* óG5.60
164       Deep Fried Chicken in Capital Sauce* óG5.60
165       Szechuan King Prawns* óG5.90
166       Szechuan Beef* óG5.50
167       Szechuan Chicken* óG5.40
168       Szechuan Roast Duck* óG6.10
169       Szechuan Roast Pork* óG5.40
170       Special Szechuan* óG6.10

Coke, Diet Coke (Cans) óG1.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lilt, Fanta (Bottles) óG1.40

Updated May 2017

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